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Every company has their own terms, but unless you use them on a daily basis, we wouldn't expect you to know them. While we can't eliminate the jargon entirely, we can give you a list of common words you'll see regarding efaxing.

eFax Support Glossary

This industry, like everything else in the world, has changed drastically with the times and the advancement of technology. The good news is that we've kept up so we can offer you a wide array of valuable services, regardless of the type (or size) of business you have. This helpful guide will explain in simple language what everything means so you can put it all together and make the right decisions.

The Automated Plug-In that allows easy use of our many features. We'll walk you through the set-up and answer any questions you may have about how to get the most out of it.

The process of sending or receiving a fax through email, so you won't have to deal with busy phone lines, slow printers or a clunky fax machine. It frees up both individuals and companies alike. You'll receive an efax number from us so you can start communicating.

Electronic Signatures:
A way to sign documents electronically. This can be done either with a finger on a touch screen or by taking a photo of your handwritten signature and then saving it in the proper area.

Cloud Faxing:
The cloud allows big and small companies alike to save information without buying or renting their own server space. It protects them from data loss or compromise for all their data, and it can protect faxes through the same technology.

Corporate Internet Faxing:
Linking all people of a corporation through easy faxing on any electronic device: laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. can set up any company with a 30-day risk free trial so you can see the benefits in the simplicity of receiving and sending online faxes.

Fax ATA:
An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) is a device used to connect a standard phone line to a computer or network so that the user can make faxes over the Internet.

Fax Boards:
Intelligent fax boards typically support the ITU V.34 standard for fax speeds and the hardware will usually exhibit faster connection and handshaking, resulting in the fastest possible fax transfer times.

Fax Modem:
The most basic and least expensive option, this is an internal PCI card that installs in your PC and uses software to process the inbound and outbound faxes.

HIPAA Compliance:
We work with all types of companies, and when applicable, follow the HIPAA guidelines when dealing with any type of sensitive health care information. By using encryption and a number of other safeguards, you can trust us when you need a high level of security.

Large File Sharing:
The process of sharing up to several gigabytes of data at a time. Often email is unable to accommodate such large requests and can slow down operating systems when trying to send. Share files with coworkers through efaxing, either through sending large files on their own or through a zip drive.

A type of operating system that comes with specific restrictions on faxing. Ask us for advice if you're working with a Linux computer.

Mobile App:
A specific program on your phone which is more easily accessible than a webpage, so you can use our efaxing services from your smartphone quickly.

Subscription Based: allows you to choose a subscription based on your current fax usage. We have been able to scale our business to work with every kind of business, so we make it easy to choose a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Knowing exactly when recipients have received your information or downloaded files through email notifications. This can help confirm that there were no significant data breaches while sending.