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  • 25 pages monthly in/out
  • 10 cents overage per page
  • Get a FREE Local # or...
  • Get a Toll-Free Number for $1
  • Try for 30 Days, RISK - FREE!
 $2.99      $5.99
  annually      monthly 
  • 500 pages monthly in/out
  • 10 cents overage per page
  • Get a FREE Local # or...
  • Get a Toll-Free Number for $1
  • Try for 30 Days, RISK - FREE!
 $4.99      $7.99
  annually      monthly 
  • 1000 pages monthly in/out
  • 4 cents overage per page
  • Get a FREE Local # or...
  • Get a Toll-Free Number for $1
  • Try for 30 Days, RISK - FREE!
  • Free Local or 8** for $1
  • Multiple Recipients
  • Document Editing
  • Mobile Faxing
  • No Software Required
  • Auto-Resend
  • Auto-Scheduling
  • Auto-Archive
  • Online Address Book
  • Custom Cover Pages
  • PLUS Much more...

What you get with

Email to Fax
Send and Receive faxes by email. Access with unlimited emails per account.
Send from Anywhere
Send and Receive faxes anywhere you have internet connection.
Best Price Guaranteed!
OnlineFaxes pricing is the best in the industry, we challenge you to find a lower price.
Free Fax Number
Get a Free local number or add a toll-free for only a buck!
Fax Archive
Faxes are stored securely online so that you always have access when needed.
No Contracts
There are not contracts or gimmicks, just plain and simple faxing.
Multi-Device Compatible
We are APPLE/MAC, Windows, Android, Blackberry, Tablet, & Smartphone compatible.
HIPAA Secure
All of our faxes are 100% secure and meet HIPAA Compliance standards.
Instant Setup
No waiting, your account is setup immediately and ready to send/receive faxes.
Internet fax pricing is an important factor of choosing the best provider for you or your company. Choosing the best price and package does not have to be a difficult process. Here is a guideline to ensure that you match your business needs to the package that will best serve you.

Internet Fax Pricing Starter Plan

Online Faxes starter plan is meant for personal use, smaller businesses, or start up ventures that are looking to drum up business. This kind of company will be sending out more than it receives, and it has a good idea of who it will be corresponding with. The pricing on this plan is meant to save companies money while providing the suite of services desired, with the security needed.

The plan comes equipped with a toll-free number. The quota of 25 pages in and out is a great way to start opening your lines of communication to your target market and potential business partners. This is also a perfect plan for B2B companies with a limited need for mass commercial faxing.

The Best Plan

The Best Plan gives you the convenience of 500 pages in and out, your toll-free phone number and the full suite of features that every communications network needs. Your company gains free barcode routing for commerce, custom cover pages for added professionalism and mobile faxing, a feature that moves your business into the 21st century with real time communications.

The Plus Plan

With a 1000 page limit on communications in and out of your business and the lowest overage costs of any plan, the Plus features get your company ready for enterprise level business. You gain immediate access to the full range of features and the highest level of customer service that we can provide. Even with this high level of service, the learning curve is still amazingly low. There is no software required to start your service. We take care of all the particulars, leaving you to just do good business.

Always try before you buy with any service. The free trial will give you 30 days of faxing free and get you headed in the right direction with no commitment needed. Once you have the right fit, you can bolster your communications strategy in a cost effective way.


- Matthew Miller
I'm simply at awe at the value that I have received from OnlineFaxes. Truly an unbelievable online fax service.
- Alex Gardener
That's right. No contracts or any of that nonsense, and you still get a free local # or toll-free for a buck.
- Mary Civoralli
Lots of features! Lots of storage, cover page, contact book …and more.

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